My Crazy Dream

It all started back in 8th grade with my English teacher, Olivia Deutsch.  On the very first day of class, she informed us that we didn’t know how to write – didn’t have the first idea of how to compose an essay, a paragraph – heck, even a single sentence!  Challenge accepted.  It was in her class that I painstakingly learned the writing process – the inspiration, that first rough draft, peer editing and figuring out when to call it quits, because let’s face it – a writer’s work is never perfect enough to our own standards.  Because of her encouragement, I learned that I not only enjoyed writing, but that maybe I had a little spark of talent.  I went on to pursue journalism in high school and became my school’s youngest section editor and eventually editor-in-chief.  I have written off and on in the years since then, but unfortunately it is one of the first things to get phased out when life becomes hectic.  I want that to change.

I want to pursue this creative outlet of mine with reckless abandon.  You see, one of my dreams is to be a real-life, genuine writer.  I have felt God’s calling on my life in this arena for some time, but have been too scared to say it out loud.  Because – let’s be honest – sharing the deepest longings of your heart is a tiny bit terrifying.  Especially when you believe it to be God’s will.  Who wants to let down the Maker of our universe?  But I realize that this line of thinking is silly.  The only way I can let him down is by ignoring the call.  Stepping out in faith, saying yes to sharing about His love through my writing, that could only make him proud.

This is where I humble myself and ask you for your help, dear readers.  Would you consider praying for me as I make a commitment to this endeavor – and perhaps even subscribing to my blog?  Maybe leaving a word of encouragement for this knee-knocking writer?  I thank you from the bottom of my heart as always.


4 thoughts on “My Crazy Dream

  1. I love reading your blog Anna, every word you write is the honest truth about you and how you feel and believe. I think that is what makes your writing so inspiring and interesting. It makes the rest of us stop a moment and think about why we are here and where our own journey is headed. I am/willing be praying for you to accomplish your dreams!!


    1. Thank you so much, Stephanie! I think that because I can be pretty shy/introverted, God gave me a way to communicate through the written word. I’m so grateful for your prayers & support!


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